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ISBN: 9781520243726
The book has two parts: PART I: Before the closing and PART II: After the purchase. There are total of 9 chapters.

First part (PART I) of the book is written for the home-buyers who need to gain the knowledge about the home buying process, especially inspection process. The first 5 chapters include 5 easy to follow, easy to use, detailed DIY checklists. The checklists have purpose to make buyer familiar with overall condition of the home. These inspection checklists are not intended to be substitute for the professional whole house inspection. Rather, the PART I of the book can be considered as a good frame of reference, guide or workbook. Once the checklists are complete, the buyer will be able to ask specific questions and address any potential issues.

Second part (PART II) of the book is written for the home-buyers who need additional inspection guidelines after the purchase is done. After the closing, the inspection-maintenance process is not done. Rather, it is ongoing process. The PART II includes annual comprehensive

inspection-maintenance checklist, two additional quick and easy checklists and healthy home guide for the new homeowners. Once the checklists are complete, the new homeowners will be able to determine what repairs, replacements and maintenance work have to be done.